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Chase the Rain Away*

Diamond, M. Competition ballad sung by many women’s and men’s quartets and choruses. Sung in International competition by Choralaires Chorus. Kim Kraut LTs.

Dear Old Dad*

Diamond E/M. Lovely ballad with tender, loving lyrics – Not about death! Very strong competition arrangement suitable for C and B- level competitors. Available in Competition Folio #1.

Give ‘Em A Show They Can’t Forget*

Diamond, M. Humorous competition uptune – the title says it all. Kim Kraut LTs.

An Irish Lullaby (Toorah Loorah Loorah)*

Shannon, M. New bridge and beautiful lyrics that add interest to the song. Very strong competition choice. Available in Competition Folio #2 medium.

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby

Austin/Jordan, A. Jazzy 30s uptune, exciting arrangement, challenging rhythm but great fun to sing.

Some Sunny Day*

Berlin, E. Peppy swing uptune; strong competition choice at easy level. Available in Competition Folio #1 - easy and Copetition Folio #2 - medium.

We’ll Gather Lilacs*

Novello, M. Beautiful, poignant WWII-era ballad; strong competition choice. K. Kraut LTs.

Will It Be Me This Time?*

Diamond, M. Strong competition ballad; Ronninge Show Chorus won with their performance at International. K. Kraut LTs.

Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’?

Diamond, M. Exciting, driving competition uptune medley with “I’m Nobody’s Fool.” K. Kraut LTs.


New Learning Track Samples

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California Dreamin’ - MP3(By Ashley Wright)- PDF

Phillips, M. 60s swing ballad as done by the Mamas and the Papas. Entertaining show song, especially shows featuring music of the 60s. $35 plus 50 cents per copy.

I'm Through With Love* - MP3(By Ashley Wright)- PDF

Malneck, Kahn & Livingston, M. Beautiful ballad sung by Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot." Strong competition or show song; one of my best arrangements. $50 plus $1 per copy. Ashley Wright LTs.

Tea For Two - MP3(By Ashley Wright)-PDF

Youman, Ceaser, M. Slow, jazz style arrangement of this well-known swing ballad. $50 plus 50 cents per copy.

Women's Barbershop Songs and Arrangements

Competition Pieces

Non-Competition Pieces

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NOTE: I have indicated availability of learning tracks (LTs) that I am aware of, but I am not responsible for their accuracy or quality.

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Competition Pieces

Back To The Fifties* - PDF

Diamond, E/M. Lively competition uptune about reliving high school days. Pairs well with Dear Old Dad. $40; no per-copy fee. A good choice for C and B- level or first-time competitors.

Barbershop Baby* - PDF

Diamond, E. Competition swing uptune, especially good for young singers and less experienced quartets and choruses. $40; no per-copy fee.

Baby, I’m Sayin’ Goodbye* - PDF

Diamond, M. Strong competition uptune with attitude – “Don’t mess with me.” $40; no per-copy fee. Kim Kraut LTs.

Diet Riot* - PDF

Diamond E/M. Humorous, entertaining uptune. Lots of words! $40; no per-copy fees. Kim Kraut LTs.

Fit As A Fiddle* - PDF

Freed/Hoffman/Goodhart, M. Uptune with parody lyrics (cleared by copyright holder) about getting into shape for a sweetheart. Great choreo opportunities; very entertaining. $45 plus 50 cents per copy.

I Was Born For The Stage* - PDF

Diamond, E/M. Sassy, strong uptune about stage life. $40, no per-copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

I’m a Great Big Baby*

Blake, M/A. Wonderfully entertaining uptune about being a big gal with lots to offer. Audiences love it. Good competition number for chorus or quartet. $50 plus $1 per copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

It’s Too Late Now To Treat Me Right*

Diamond. M/A. Driving uptune with attitude - “Buster, we’re through!” Performed by Houston Horizon Chorus for International Competition. $40, no per-copy fee.

Mother Dear*

Diamond, E. Hilarious ballad (really!). Spoof of traditional barbershop “mother” songs. Very strong barbershop, great for competition. Pairs well with “The Perfect Barbershop Song.” $40, no per-copy fees.

Old Teddy Bear*

Diamond, M. Strong competition ballad about children who have grown up and left home. It’s nostalgic but not sad. $40, no per-copy fees.

The Perfect Barbershop Song*

Diamond, M. Very funny uptune using lots of barbershop song titles to create a crazy story. Makes a great package with “Mother Dear” for competition, shows, afterglows. $40, no per-copy fees.

Stop Callin’ Me Baby* - PDF

Diamond, M. Fast backbeat uptune: “I ain’t your baby no more.” Performed in International quartet finals competition. $40; no per-copy fees. Kim Kraut LTs.

There’s A Tag In The Old Quartet* - PDF

Diamond, M. Humorous, entertaining uptune for quartets who’ve been around a while but “aren’t about to give up now.” Strong barbershop for competition. $40, no per copy fees.

Non-Competition Pieces

Blue Christmas - PDF

Hayes/Johnson. E/M. Traditional Elvis slow swing song with a nice intro, key change and repeat. Very singable. $35 + $1 per copy.

Choc’late In My Stocking - PDF

Keen/Strommen, E. Cute Christmas song written from kid’s point of view. Fun and family-friendly. Great for holiday shows. $35 plus 50 cents per copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

Come Go With Me - PDF

Quick, M. 50s doo-wop classic; entertaining and fun to sing; some lead solo. $40 plus $1 per copy.

Everything - PDF

Buble/Chang/Foster-Gillies, M/A. Beautiful, rhythmic song done by Michael Buble.. Copyright clearance pending, call for updated information.

For Good - PDF

Schwartz, M/A. Beautiful ballad about friendship, from the musical “Wicked.” Luscious modern harmony; some lead solo passages. $50 plus 50 cents per copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

Georgia On My Mind - PDF

Gorrell/Charmichael, M. Bass solo with 4-part chorus backup – the way Ray Charles sang it. Very good show song. $50 plus 50 cents per copy.

Gimme, Gimme** - PDF

Scanlon/Tesor, C. Very exciting, very entertaining uptune from the musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” GREAT chorus show song. Builds from shy and innocent to “wow!” $50 plus $1 per copy.

If I Hear Another Song About Christmas - PDF

Fain/Alter, E/M Funny song about how much the singer loves Christmas songs. $40; 50 cents per copy..

In My Daughter’s Eyes

Slater, A. Beautiful ballad, very touching lyrics. Two versions – chorus and quartet, both with lead solo. $50 plus 50 cents per copy. Judy Vidal LTs.

Is This Any Way To Fall In Love? - PDF

Murphy/Wilson, C. Contemporary uptune recorded by Linda Eder. Very sassy and upbeat. Lots of syncopation. Worth the challenge for performances. $40 plus $1 per copy.

I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - PDF

Berlin, A. 30s swing uptune, good for winter holiday performances. $35 plus 50 cents per copy.

Imagine** - 4Part PDF - 8Part

Lennon. A. John Lennnon’s famous anthem. Some 8-part split chorus parts. Powerful arrangement sung and recorded by Coastline Show Chorus. $50 plus $1 per copy. Kim Kraut LTs

Isn’t It Romantic?

Rogers, Hart, M. Romantic swing ballad, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, singing valentines, shows. $40 plus $1 per copy.

Jump, Jive and Wail - 4Part PDF - 8Part PDF

Prima, M. Marvelous rock ‘n’ roll song with strong rhythm; great choreo potential. Sung by Channelaire Chorus. Some optional 7- and 8-part chords. $50 plus $1 per copy. Judy Vidal LTs.

Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love** - 4Part PDF - 8Part

Porter, C. This is one of my best arrangements! Sung by Pride of Portland Chorus; very entertaining and worth the extra effort for experienced choruses. Some 7- and 8-part chords at the tag.

Peel Me a Grape

Frishberg, A. Sultry ballad about a spoiled lady, can be done with lots of humor. $40 plus $1 per copy.

S.O.S. - PDF

Andersson, et al (ABBA), M. 60s soft rock ABBA song, great for shows. $40 plus $1 per copy.

Santa Claus Is Back In Town - PDF

Lieber/Stoller, A. Sexy rock ‘n’ roll Christmas song recorded by Elvis Presley. Strong rhythm. Two versions; quartet or chorus with lead solo. Sung by Skyline Chorus. $50 plus $1 per copy, Kim Kraut LTs.

Shackles** - PDF

Campbell/Atkins, C. Powerful gospel uptune, chorus with lead solo, some 8-part sections. Challenging but very rewarding. Created for and sung by Houston Horizon Chorus. $65 plus $1 per copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

She's Got You - PDF

Cochran, E. Famous country song with lead solo and a touch of humor. $40 plus $1 per copy.

Stepsisters’ Lament - PDF

Rogers/Hammerstein, M. From the musical “Cinderella.” Funny, clever song for shows. Sung by Skyline Chorus for International Competition finals package. $50 plus 50 cents per copy.

Ticket To Ride - PDF

Lennon, McCartney, A. Slow, sultry ballad as sung by the Carpenters. Great show song. $50 plus $1 per copy. Kim Kraut LTs.

A Touch Of Texas In My Heart

Diamond, M. Country ballad with strong lyrics about memories of friends left behind. Lovely harmony, good for shows. $40, no per-copy fees. Kim Kraut LTs.

Venus In Blue Jeans - PDF

Keller/Greenfield, E. Rock ‘n’roll swing uptune, simple and fun. Good for 50s shows. $35 plus 50 cents per copy.

We Can Do It - PDF

Diamond, E. Written especially for new or small choruses for competition. Judges won't say "too difficult" this time.

We're All In This Together - PDF

Gerrard & Nevill, M/A. Fabulous song from "High School Musical" with a team message - we can do anything when we work together. This would be a great closing show song. Very energetic!